Laravel Tutorial

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Laravel Tutorial


This is Laravel 8 tutorial for those who want to learn it for their career or to create a project for their own use. You should have basic knowledge of programming in PHP, MySql, and have an understanding of Laravel Framework. In this tutorial series journey, you have to follow the tutorial from chapter 1 to last. If you are looking for something specific to your need, then feel free to explore any topic of your choice from the below links. The project’s source code is hosted on GitHub for you to refer to. The project uses Jetstream, Livewire, Sanctum, and Tailwind in Laravel 8.

Let me give you an overview of the project I am creating for this tutorial. It is a news application that will consume the RESTful API created in Laravel. The Admin Dashboard will be on the web interface and is crafted using Livewire and Tailwind.

So buckle up and start with the below-mentioned tutorials. Let me know in the comment section if any of the tutorials need improvement or anything more to be added.


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The source code is available at for you to refer to.

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