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SEO Trends In 2020

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SEO Trends In 2020


What is SEO?

SEO is a term that means “search engine optimization” and it is a process of getting traffic from various unpaid search engines like Google, Bing, and various others where the results are showed which are most relevant to the user.

Content Creation

Quality content is the foremost priority when one thinks about SEO as one would not be easily engaged if it is not delightful and informing. There are various factors that should be considered while creating a good SEO which includes

  • Caliber
  • Research
  • Keyword
  • Originality
  • Audio Visual Aid
  • Response
  • Depth

By considering the above factors one can easily create good SEO content that will capture a large audience. There are various types of SEO content like:

  • Blogs:  These are the written pieces of arguments or information even photography from famous writers and other working professionals describing their work experiences.  
  • Video Logs: These are the same as blogs except instead of writing material famous personalities upload videos about their daily lives or food recipes over various social media platforms.
  • Slideshows: These are mostly uploaded by educational institutions and teaching professionals for the ease of students studying at home.
  • Product pages: They serve as the way of earning for any e-commerce website dealing with a large number of customers every day. These pages show the information and details of a product being offered by a company to its customers.
  • Lists and articles: People also lookup for various types of articles and lists which help them to find some better solutions and ideas for their further research like the list of “Top 10 mid-budget phones”. Such results help people to narrow down their results and clear their confusion about various things going on in their minds. Articles with various general knowledge topics are also searched for enhanced reading.
  • Guides: People come looking for guides like how to find do a particular task or they might even need help to fix up certain things at their home, such guides are also a good way to pull more audiences from the market.

How to utilize structured data?

Now to present all this clustered and complex data, a code is created with specific vocabulary and grammar which shows results according to the search interface of the user. For example, if a particular user wants to search for a chocolate cake recipe then SEO will gather results from various posted content and will present the best options to its user in the form of structured data. And having structured data is one of the most important and integral parts of search optimization as it provides enhanced outcomes and shows multiple entities related to the shown work. It is a great way for a person to establish themselves in the market where the world will get to know them on a larger scale.

Combination of SEO and UX

When SEO is combined with user experience or UX it gives tremendous results and shows exactly what a user is looking for. In this time of Artificial intelligence and upgrading technologies user experience should never be a side product of SEO, by creating;

  • A good visual
  • Engaging content
  • Using the target keywords
  • Easy to use websites

One can easily capture the target audience that they wish to. Google tracks the user experience by various methods by monitoring their time being spent on a particular website or checking their visits for that site. These online algorithms work for each and every user on all of their devices and thus providing them with a seamless experience. If a particular site is taking too long to open or load then the user might not be willing to visit a site like that ever again and thus such websites won’t be showed in the search results in the future.

How the speed and layout structure of a website affects the user?

The websites nowadays are also focusing on mobile optimization as more and more people nowadays are surfing and browsing through their mobile phones and get annoyed or irritated by the loading speed of the website on their phones, such small techniques, and steps further help a website to grow and expand easily in the market. The speed of loading is one of the most important factors but complimenting it is the layout of the website which is considered equally important. A website should be developed in a search-engine-friendly way so that Google and other search engines can come to it easily and interpret the content effectively. The content should be written for the readers and people searching for it should be able to find answers to various questions by addressing the real challenges being faced through genuine friendly dialogues. The sentences are written should be simple and easy to understand with no complex language. A complex language or large paragraphs might turn the audience away thus resulting in loss of market. The website should be clean and interactive, the person using it should not feel dull and bored by its color scheme and layout.

Uses of funnel in websites

The websites also use a funnel to attract and target audiences to increase their sales in different segments of the market. These funnels are called sales funnels which attract potential customers to the website looking for the product that they might need. It can be anything from a subscription to a particular website to buying certain products, by proving their email addresses customers get emails and notifications on the same. A customer might be comparing the cars of a particular company with specific features and requirements, Google will collect all this information and provide the most suitable result which will attract the customer more towards that particular brand with higher recognition and pay value. In the funnel, the customers are converted in various stages which leads to a final product.

  • Awareness: The first stage includes awareness which means by showing advertisements and hoarding the company is letting its potential customers know about the upcoming product.
  • Interest: The second step is to gather their interest and in doing so the company has to provide attractive content and some to do actions that will indulge customers.
  • Desires: The third step includes turning their interest into desires which will make them want that product as compared to others that are being offered.
  • Action: The final step includes taking the action and turning the lead or a potential customer into a permanent customer by providing the best deal and offers.

Presence on social media

SEO also works great with all the social media platforms as it covers a large audience in less time. people of all ages and genders are using social media nowadays thus making it easier for Google to learn about the choice and preferences of the people. Even though it won’t be providing the desired results from social media but patience is always the key.


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