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How to increase download speed

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How to increase download speed

How to increase download speed

Here are the ways how to increase download speed:

1. Find the best configuration for your router / ISP

When you enter your modem / router you will see a lot of settings related to channels etc.  Sometimes this setting is not the best choice by default and you need to update it based on the types of devices you have etc.  Check the router and the ISP website for the best configuration.

2. Try a different modem / router

Poor modems are the main reason to slow down the Internet.  For years I had been using a billion modems, which I thought was absolutely fantastic.  I constantly received disconnections from the internet and blamed them on my ISP.  Finally, I switched to a new NETGEAR N150 modem and the speed increased and the abandonment stopped.  Issue?  The old Billion modem was not equipped for ADSL2 +.  Beginners make sure your modem is compatible with the Internet plan you are on.

3. Scan for viruses

The next thing to do is to make sure that no virus is causing you to slow down.  Sometimes viruses can live on your computer and take away the resources you are making, thus slowing it down.

4. Check your filter

If you have your internet connected to a phone line that also has a phone, you should make sure you have good quality filters installed on your line.  These are some plugs that connect to the phone line and help eliminate clutter.  If you have an ADSL2 + or cable, make sure you have the proper filter.

5. Try to get rid of your cordless phone

Some people disagree, but I have found that wireless phones only slow down or interrupt my internet with filters.  It’s worth doing an insulation test by removing your phone and replacing them with different people (borrow from a friend) to see if you get better results.

6. Plug in

Wifi is good if you connect your modem, but wireless internet is often slow speed.  Try taking that cable out of the box and plugging it directly into the modem, especially if it’s your desktop computer and you don’t have to move it very often.

7. Check for interference in the system

Sometimes your antivirus or other programs can interrupt your internet speed.  This is really frustrating, but you can only find out by changing things at once and running a speed test again.  Please note that I am not responsible for any viruses or spyware that do so.  You should always protect yourself against viruses.

8. Check for foxtail or other TV

Older foxtail boxes can cause interference on your Internet, even if you are not using them.  If your net speed should be slow and you can’t understand why this might happen, then it might be an idea to take a walk around your house and see if you have a foxtail box (cable TV).  What you don’t know was there.  It may be from a previous owner.  If yes, call and make sure you are completely disconnected.

9. Shorten and replace cables

The length and structure of your cables can affect speed.  Try replacing old phone cords, plugs, and lines, and use the smaller, newer ones instead.  This can often bring great change.

10. Have you tried turning it off again and again?

The last suggestion is often the most powerful.  Turn off your modem for a minute, then turn it on again.  This is called a power cycle and can often cause a lot of problems that affect your speed.  If you are really brave, you can reconfigure your modem with a new password because it can often update your settings at the end of your ISP and update the connection.

11. Check for external interference

I am sure that most of you have an iPhone, iPad, sound system and at least one other electronic device in your modem area.  I’m right. Okay, if so, you should see if these things are causing electromagnetic interference.  Try to get the speakers out of the way and get other electronic devices out of your modem space.

12. Update firmware and software regularly

As you all may know your router / modem actually has its own inbuilt software on which it works just you need to update it regularly.  You can enter your modem by following your brand instructions.  For example, for the NETGEAR modem, go to where you can update and adjust your settings.  You should also consider upgrading the desktop version of your computer, operating system, etc. as wireless settings often become less compatible over time.

13. Verify wiring and perform a line test

If all of this doesn’t contact your internet service provider and modem company and request online tests and investigations.  This may mean that a company employee will be sent out of your home and will have to pay an additional fee.  The person on my property found that the wires in my roof were almost completely chewed and needed to be replaced.

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