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Do You Know How To Increase Website Traffic?

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Do You Know How To Increase Website Traffic?

Increase Website Traffic

If you have a website, you should always ask yourself how to grow and improve your online presence, how to drive more website traffic to and become famous to get opinions on various matters for a wider audience. Websites are the new influencer and many companies take advantage of their websites to promote their products. However, all of this will be true for you only if you want to increase the awareness of your website among internet users. We will discuss the tips to increase the traffic of your website to expand your business. For more details scroll up here.

Why do we need to increase website traffic?

Although there are many other metrics involved when measuring the popularity of any website, website traffic is an important metric because it indicates how many actual users are visiting a particular site. However, traffic does not always mean that it is generated only by (human) users. Artificial traffic (non-human traffic) can be generated by bots. The website traffic generated by bots is useful for testing purposes, but to measure the popularity of any website, it is important to remove bot traffic during measurement.

Additionally, there may be more than one source of traffic, such as direct traffic, organic traffic (often referred to as free traffic), referrals, paid and social traffic. Organic is the most popular traffic source for most websites because it is free and highly targeted and can also give you good returns if used correctly. For e-commerce and real estate websites, direct traffic is considered more valuable. It is important to know the exact meaning of all terms so that you can properly verify your traffic data and make an informed decision.

  • Page views: Every time a browser loads your website, a page view is recorded in Google Analytics. This means that if a single user reloads the same page on your website, it will be recorded as two page views. In simple words, a page view is recorded every time the tracking code is loaded in the browser. This metric helps to understand user behaviour on a given site.
  • Visit: A visit is something that is recorded every time someone visits your website from a referring source and even if the user visits multiple pages of the site, it will be counted as a single visit. Generally, the number of page views is greater than the number of visits.
  • Average visit duration: This is the total time that users spend on your site or the average duration of a session. And a higher average visit duration is always better because it means that your users are more interested in your site.
  • Bounce Rate: Percentage of single page sessions with no interaction with the page is called bounce rate.
  • Returning users vs New users: A new user is someone who has never visited your site before, while a returning visitor has visited your site in the past. Google Analytics uses cookies to track this, so this report is not very accurate because if someone visits your site from their desktop and on their mobile phone, they will be logged as new visitors.

How to increase website traffic?

Use social media

Social media is one of the biggest platforms to promote your site to get more traffic on it. And for that, you have to link your website to social media platform by creating a page and increase the followers there. Share snippets of your website posts on this page and your website visitors will increase as your followers.

Also, be sure to include a Facebook account share button in your website posts so readers can share an interesting article right on your timeline, driving even more traffic for you. Twitter and YouTube are one of these platforms where you can post links of your content and you can also advertise on Twitter and Facebook and even make short videos on your posts that you can upload to your YouTube channel and include a more detailed website post as a link in the description.

Invest your time

If you are serious about your website posting, your website represents your passion, and more importantly, if your website is the tool you want to earn a living with, you should not miss this step. Remember, half-effort is worse than no effort, as it takes a lot of time and energy, but does not deliver the expected results. Take the time and effort to study your target audience and the types of articles they follow and that they like, taking detailed note of their likes and preferences and their relative attention span compared to the content.

Advertise your experience

It is always best to establish yourself as an expert in your field. People love experts because today almost everyone with an internet connection and sharing their experience on a huge platform of today’s world has to increase possibilities of huge website traffic.

Focus on SEO and respond to comments

We know that writing can be your passion and you may want to write just about anything that catches your eye, but if you want to increase awareness of your website, you need to give your opinion. Use search engine optimization or SEO techniques to increase awareness of your website, and make sure about interaction with your viewers to increase website traffic.

Some other ways to increase your website traffic


Paying for ads is the fastest and easiest way to drive traffic to your website, that is if you have the budget for it. From social media ads to pay-per-click (PPC), there are many channels to run your ads. Make sure you do your research and choose the most suitable platform to launch your ads and remember to adjust your campaigns accordingly to all platforms.

PPC Ads on Google

If used correctly, PPC advertising is one of the most incredible ways to drive traffic to your website and it will cost you a good amount as long as you know the goal of the platform you are advertising on whichever is Instagram Facebook, or Twitter as well.

Focus on SEO content

It’s time for the marketing community’s dreaded or beloved phrase: SEO. Of course, almost everyone who owns a website knows what SEO is or how to apply it to your content to increase traffic and there’s no doubt that SEO is still one of the best and most popular ways to increase traffic to your website. To master the art of SEO, in addition to using your keywords to attract search engines, you can optimize image alt text, create internal links, use meta descriptions, and target long-tail keywords.

Email marketing

As well as connecting and reaching your audience by email marketing has always been one of the best ways to increase website traffic. You can set up a newsletter and registration fields so that you can collect emails from your visitors and send them updates, promo codes, or encourage your visitors to explore your blog.

Use PageSpeed ​​Insight to improve your website traffic

There is something called PageSpeed ​​Insights, which is basically a Google tool that measures the performance, loading speed, and compatibility of your website on all devices. Today, almost everyone uses a smartphone. If your website is not accessible on a smartphone or is not optimized for a smartphone’s browser, you are actively diverting your traffic and basically committing virtual suicide. Make your website accessible to smartphones by optimizing it for images or other types of file sizes to ensure your site loads quickly and you will get better website traffic in no time.

Internal link

Internal linking is a great way to help your audience to enjoy your content. The internal link is a link that leads to another page but from the same website, if a viewer is reading any of your articles and wants to know more about similar related topics, they can click on the internal links you put in those articles that will direct them to your website and as well it increases your website traffic.


By studying website traffic reports, you can optimize your website and provide your visitors with the best possible experience while maximizing revenue. There are millions of active websites on the internet today and if you want to get results from your websites like leads or sales or earn more money etc. Having website traffic is very important and high traffic means more leads, sales, or money. While many of these tips can provide instant results, others may take more time. Keep trying various methods and analyzing the results.

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